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Essential Paint Brushes for Decorating

Step into and DIY store and your sure to see a whole range of paint brushes. This post offers professional advice to help you select the right tool for your next painting project.

Brush Shape

The two most useful brush shapes for decorating are straight and angled. The straight brush is a great general purpose workhorse while the angled brush excels at cutting in.

Many people get along fine with a straight brush for all tasks. Personally, I find the angled brush to be a real advantage when cutting in.

Brush Size

Decorators brushes are available in a wide range of sizes. Yet, for most tasks a selection of just two sizes are all you really need! The recommended paint brush sizes for decorating are:

1.5 Inch Brushes for glossing

Painting trim such as skirting, door and window frames.

3 Inch Brushes for emulsion painting

A 3 inch brush is ideal for general use and cutting in around the ceiling and skirting. If you use a roller to paint the walls, you still need a 3 inch paint brush for cutting in!

Brush Bristles

The type of bristles a loaded into a paintbrush determines the brushes best use and can have a big impact on the quality of the overall finish. Selecting the right bristle material is key for a high quality finish.

Synthetic bristles

Synthetic bristles achieve a fine finish with water-based paints, not solvent-based paints. Synthetic bristles a hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Click here for more info on types of synthetic brush bristles.

Natural bristles

Natural bristles are best used for solvent-based paint, allowing paint to applied easily and with few brush marks. Natural bristle paint brushes are more expensive than synthetic brushes but have a decent life span if cleaned correctly after use.

Click here for more info on types of natural brush bristles.

Brush Handle

There are several useful brush handle shapes and sizes available when selecting the right paint brushes for the task. The most useful being the extra long handle and the short handle.

Long handled paint brushes are useful for painting difficult to reach areas. Short handle paint brushes offer better control when painting trim.


So there you have it. All you need to know about paint brushes and not an once more.

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