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Free Woodworking Plan
Slatted Garden Bench

By Wayne Marner
Last Updated: 24th Feb, 2020
Tag(s): Painting & Decorating - Tools & Equipment

Guide Cost: £35+
Time: 2-3hrs plus finishing
Skill: Beginner

Complete this modern garden bench project in an afternoon and be enjoying a drink in the sunset by the evening.

Materials Needed

  • 2"x4" Timber
  • Exterior wood glue
  • 2" Galvanised wood screws
  • Wood finish


Timber Selection

This garden bench can be built using high grade timber such as oak. The benefits being the natural beauty and weather resistant properties of a hardwood.

Alternatively, you could opt to use redwood pine. Widely available and often at a much lower prices than other timbers. The downside to using redwood pine for any outdoor projects is the necessity to protect the timber from the natural elements.

Timber Protection

Varnish is the best option for retaining the look of the wood, exterior grade paint is the best option if you want complete, maintenance free protection.

Tools Needed

  • Hand saw or circular saw
  • Speed square
  • Pencil
  • A fresh brew of tea

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Made it?

If you have, or are planning to follow along with these free garden bench plans it would be just fantastic if you could share your creation in the comments below.

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