Hi, my names Wayne. Some descibe me as a workoholic while those ive worked with call me a passionate prefectionist. Truth is, I simply enjoy grafting hard, eating well and sleeping sound.

After over 15 years working in the trades and a lifetime of interest in engineering and construction, Marner's Home Maintenance Services was created with a passion for high quality craftsmanship and a better work/life balance.

Today I can look back on many completed contracts with pride and satisfaction for a job well done. I enjoy every aspect of my work. From the initial design and planning to job completion and happy customers!

Clean, professional and speedy service at all times.

Lets get the job done!

Why Choose Marner's Property Maintenance?

  • Experience and knowledge
  • High quality materials used throughout
  • Labour guaranteed for 1 year
  • Clean, professional and speedy service at all times
  • long lasting results
  • Environmentally conscious, family run business

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Lets get the job done!

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